Let Us Have A 
                  Moment Of Silence
Hands Across The Sea

               Misc. Photos
                                                                                         Music:       Hands Across The Sea
Navy Assignment  Kodiak Island
Navy Enlisted Ranks  Held June 1959 -August 1963     ^ ^ ^ 
August 1970 - November 1983 Warrant Officer           v v v 
Army Enlisted Ranks  Held August 1963 - August 1970     ^ ^ ^ 
Our Home In Washington State
Waiting To Catch A Ride On A Globemaster 
When you do not have
You Make your own
My Home while in VietNam
Presented Meritorious Service Medal For Work In Europe
Industrial Cater Food Show Los Angeles
Seven Awards And The Door Prize
To Include Best Of Show
Recycling Depot Operations Manager
Having A Little Fun In Life
      "THE JUNK MAN"  
Backyard Of Our Home In Citrus Heights, California
Front Of The House

      Now Hear This !
Jump School Week 1: Seperate the men from the boys.
Jump School Week 2: Seperate the men from the fools.
Jump School Week 3: The fools jump.
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Now Hear This !
           Let Us Have A 
                 Moment Of Silence